Wednesday, July 6, 2011

3 Suara

This is such a great song, gracefully sung by Jac, Ning & Shila Amzah. Lyrics as below:

Beribu Sesalan – Jac, Shila Amzah & Ning

Ku susuri malam ini
Yang tidak berbintang sunyi sepi
Juga rembulan dah menghilang
Dalam kelam ku sendiri

Ku mencari hembus bayu
Yang selalu berbisik madah rindu
Kini membisu dalam sayu
Tidak ku temu suaramu

Kekasihku di jalanan yang berliku
Di saat ku perlukanmu
Tertutup jua segalanya terhadapmu
Di sini ku tersedu-sedu

Setelah cinta pergi
Ku mengusung duka ini diiringi
Kisah janji dimungkiri lagi

Kekasihku di jalanan yang berliku
Di saat ku perlukanmu
Tertutup jua segalanya terhadapmu

Di sini ku tersedu-sedu
Setelah cinta pergi
Ku mengusung duka ini

Kisah janji

Sia-sia ku
Setia padamu

Sebak dadaku
Retak hatiku
Luka jiwaku
Dihiris pilu

Setia padamu

Sebak dadaku
Retak hatiku
Luka jiwaku
Dihiris pilu

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BPLDP 2010 & 2011

My 2 successful programs... Bank Pembangunan Leadership Development Program for 2010 and 2011.

Thanks Chris & Dianna of AIM WA! Muaahhh :*

Friday, June 10, 2011

New Update...

Hah... finally got to update and re-design my blog page... after more than 2 years!

Surprisingly, this is done at the office during working hours. Hmm, no blocking from IT guys?

Hv to still learn to navigate my way through doing this blogging thing...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Eid Mubarak!


Ramadhan berlalu, Shawal menjelma

Salah & silap yang lalu, harap dimaafkan segalanya...

It's been awhile since I last posted here. Ramadhan has come and gone. Shawal is almost reaching its 10th day. I was on uninterrupted leave from 25 Sept till 7 Oct, and am now back to work with tasks already waiting to be completed. But, let me blog first...

Eid was okay... fun for the kids, especially Zarief who celebrated his first Eid ever. He was enjoying cookies at the houses we visited and making a mess on their carpets.

I am one step closer to perfecting my rendang as per MIL's recipe, according to hubby's analysis. I take it as a compliment from him, taking into consideration that I cooked it like only twice a year, i.e.: Aidilfitri & Aidiladha. I will attempt to cook it again before end of this Shawal, to reduce the kerisik this time :-) It's all based on own judgement as there's no fixed measurements for the ingredients.

I will also try to perfect the Sugee biscuit recipe. I really can't understand why some people call it Sugee biscuits when there's NO sugee in the recipe!!??! If it's just plain flour & ghee, then that's Biskut Arab, not Biskut Sugee. Duh!

Ok, back to work :-(

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sandakan trip

Ikan pari Ikan yu

Very huge pari! Vege galore...

I was in Sandakan, Sabah on 27-28 June 2008 for a branch visit and training. It was a long-haul flight, it departed at 9.20am from KLIA and I reached Sandakan (with an hour transit in KK) at almost 2pm! I didn't manage to have breakfast at home, so hungrily, I had to force myself to eat the cold 'cucur bilis' served inflight. I heard that now MAS is serving hot meals again for flights to E. Malaysia.

Generally, East Malaysians are a friendly lot. My taxi driver, Mr Tia, was ever ready waiting for me on Saturday morning to take me to the branch, which was 16km away from Sandakan Hotel.

I had a blast on Saturday wee morning. After 'subuh', I was already in the Central Market scouting for prawns... at 5.45am... You wouldn't catch me doing that back here! I bought 5kg of fresh prawns, just brought up from the fishing boats... at RM10/kg. I also bought 2kg of ikan sebelah. Had to also buy the styrofoam box for packing. Left the seafood to be frozen in the hotel's freezer for whole of Saturday and the bell boy packed it up for me on Sunday morning before I left for the airport.

One thing depressed me as I went around town ... turtle eggs are being sold rampantly all around mid-town. Where's the enforcement??!!!

"A reward of a thing well done is to have done it." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson, Essays~

Monday, July 28, 2008

How Starbucks Saved My Life

Read the book review in the inflight mag while on my flight to Penang last week. Looks like an interesting and inspirational read.

Below is an except:

[page 1]

This is the true, surprising story of an old white man who was kicked out of the top of the American Establishment, by chance met a young African-American woman from a completely different background, and came to learn what is important in life. He was born into privilege on the affluent Upper East Side of Manhattan, she into poverty in the projects in Brooklyn. He once had a high-powered advertising job and now had nothing; she came from the streets and now had succeeded—so much so that she was able to offer a stranger a chance to save himself.

[page 2-4]

This is my story, and like all surprising stories, it starts with an accident.


I should not have been anywhere near the location of that transforming experience. But on that particular rainy day in March of last year, I could not resist the urge to go back in time.

Have you ever wanted—when life is too hard to bear—to return to the comfort of your childhood home? I had been the only son of adoring if often absent parents, and now I wanted to recapture some sense of the favored place I had once occupied in the universe. I found myself back on East Seventy-eighth Street, staring across at the four-story brownstone where I had grown up.

I had a sudden image of a crane hoisting a Steinway grand piano into the second-floor living room. My mother had decided I should learn to play the piano, and my father had thrown himself into the project. Nothing was too good for his only son, and he had rushed out and bought the biggest, most expensive model. After the purchase of the huge Steinway, the problem became how to get this magnificent instrument into our home, a hundred-year-old house with narrow, steep stairs.

My father had been up to the challenge. He hired a crane, and then had the men raise it up to the second floor, where, by opening the French windows, and turning the piano on its side, they could just make it fit. My father had been terribly proud of his accomplishment and my mother delighted. Of course, I had been secretly happy to be the reason for all this unusual activity.

Today, as I gazed at the stately building that had once been my home, I thought of how much all of that extravagant effort must have cost. How far I had fallen from those happy times. I had come a long way from my childhood, when money was never mentioned. I was now nearly broke.

Turning away from the comforts of the past, I looked for some comfort in a latte. One of my last remaining treats. A Starbucks store now occupied the corner of Lexington and Seventy-eighth, where during my childhood there had been a pastry shop. In my depressed daze, I did not notice the sign in front reading: "Hiring Open House"—not that it was the kind of sign that I would have noticed anyway. Later, I was to learn that Starbucks has hiring events at different stores every week or so in New York. Managers from other stores in the area come in to interview prospective employees. Looking back now, I realize that the good fortune that had left my life returned the moment I chose to step into the store at the corner of Seventy-eighth Street.

Still in my own cocoon of self-pity and nostalgia about lost fortune and family, I ordered my latte and made my way over to a small table. I sat down and did not look at anyone nearby. Staring into my interior space, I tried to make sense of a life that seemed to have completely gotten away from me.

"Would you like a job?"

I was startled out of my reverie. The speaker sat at the table right next to mine, shuffling some papers with professional dispatch. She was an attractive young African-American woman wearing a Starbucks uniform. I had not even looked at her before, but now I noticed she was wearing a silver bracelet and a fancy watch. She seemed so secure and confident.

I was struck numb. I wasn't used to interacting with anyone in Starbucks. For the last few months I had been frequenting many Starbucks stores around in the city, not as places to relax or chat, but as "offices" where I could call prospective clients—although none were now answering my calls. My little consulting company was rapidly going downhill. Marketing and advertising is a young man's business, and at sixty-three, I had found that my efforts were met with a deafening silence.

"A job," the woman repeated again, smiling, as if I hadn't heard her. "Would you like one?"

Was I that transparent? Despite my pin-striped Brooks Brothers suit and Master of the Universe manner—I had my cellphone resting on top of my expensive leather T. Anthony briefcase as if expecting an important call—could she see that I was really one of life's losers? Did I, a former creative director of J. Walter Thompson Company, the largest advertising agency in the world, want a job at Starbucks?!

For one of the few times in my life, I could not think of a polite lie or any answer but the truth.

"Yes," I said without thinking, "I would like a job."

From HOW STARBUCKS SAVED MY LIFE by Michael Gates Gill. Published by arrangement with Gotham Books, a member of Penguin Group (USA), Inc. Copyright (c) Michael Gates Gill, 2007.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I need a massage!

Ouch... my back hurts, my neck hurts... everything aches! I desperately need a massage...

It's been 5 months since my last massage. I have a few regular massage ladies, i.e.: Kak Mie in Rawang & another kakak in JB. Kak Mie was my confinement lady when I gave birth to Zarief in November 2007. She came over for the first 2 weeks to massage me, cook for me and bathe Zarief. After 2 weeks, I went back to my home in Shah Alam and was able to care for both baby and myself on my own. (Rawang is my other home, and my dad lives there with my sis). I've not had Kak Mie massage me since Feb.

Prior to conceiving Zarief, I went to Dewi Sri Spa in Sri Hartamas. I went through the Ken Dedes package - all the works - floral bath, body scrub, full body massage, body moisturiser & "bertangas". Check out for packages & pricing. I think the "bertangas" worked as I conceived soon after the spa visit!!!

There's another branch in Alam Sentral, Shah Alam. I gotta take leave and have a spa treatment soon! This time, I'll try the "Body Contouring" package instead. :D

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Change is inevitable...

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow.
Learn as if you were to live forever."

Just had the 1/2 yearly performance review with Boss this morning. He shared the 4 A's of CHANGE. Let me share this with you as well. In order to change, we need to:
Assess - our current standings/position/performance
Accept - that we all need to change
Alter - CHANGE!
Achieve - our new performance/standards/targets...etc.

Change is all around us! Change is inevitable! I'm glad that I'm given this opportunity to focus on these new areas of change in the organisation.

Monday, July 14, 2008

First timer

Welcome! This is my first blog & first post. I like to share my knowledge on anythin' & everythin'...

We are now a little more than 1/2 way thru the year. Life's been quite hectic & unpredictable for me since the start of 2008. The kids, work requirements, family commitments & friendship all have its ups & downs, & have to be juggled wisely.

I've got 3 kids, 2 girls who are 7 (Alya) & 3 yrs old (Sara), & an 8-mth-old baby boy (Zarief) respectively. Tho' they're girls, but Alya & Sara are as boisterous as boys! Plus baby Zarief is now learning to pick himself up to stand & climb stairs! If u hear me screamin' my lungs away at home, it means that either the girls are fighting or Zarief is going all over the house. This Mama will then turn into a lioness... :D I really need to control my emotions & anger when dealing with my kids. Anyone out there has got any tips?

I'd just love to have a quiet time for myself and pick up my fav book to read... so sad that I'm not able to do that when I'm at home. Even this post is being written at work as I don't have any training commitments this whole week. If I sit down to do some PC work at home, there'll b many assistants ready to sit on my lap & help out :)

By the way, I'm a trainer/facilitator. I conduct trainings such as banking operations, business writing, team dynamics & personal motivation.

My Fav Books

  • Why Men Don't Listen & Women Can't Read Maps
  • Whale Done! The Power of Positive Relationships
  • Fish! A Remarkable Way To Boost Morale & Improve Results
  • Who Moved My Cheese?
  • Shopaholic & Baby
  • Shopaholic & Sister
  • Shopaholic Ties The Knot
  • Shopaholic Takes Manhattan
  • Confessions of a Shopaholic